Ice Cube Creating New TV Series For FX Networks

By Carly Kilroy

Rapper, actor, screenwriter and producer, Ice Cube, is adding series creator to the list of titles he currently holds. The former N.W.A member is in the process of developing a new dramatic series for the television network FX, which he will also star in. The series, appropriately titled “Eye for an Eye,” is based around a former paramedic who decides to take care of criminals in his own manner after responding to one too many violent calls while on the job.

Since FX is known for having programming that’s far from the norm, it’s safe to say that “Eye for an Eye” will be like nothing else on television right now.

As if he didn’t already have enough on his plate, Ice Cube also announced early last month that he will be adding a forth addition to his cult classic "Friday" series, which he co-created with his long time collaborator DJ Pooh. Besides Ice Cube staring, naturally, there is no word yet on who will be joining the cast of the stoner sequel.

Ice Cube Is Working On The Fourth 'Friday' Film

However, the multitasking rapper did assure Twitter followers that the project is, in fact, in the process of being developed, “The 4th Friday movie is in the works,” he wrote. “Working out a deal with New Line Cinema.” Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these two exciting upcoming projects.