Philadelphia Rapper Tommy Hill Dies After Being Shot

By Rob Markman

Philadelphia rap veteran Tommy Hill was shot in his hometown early on Friday morning (December 2) and he later died in the hospital, several sources are reporting. Police have confirmed with WTXF-TV that there was a shooting outside of Reuben’s Marc Bar in the Uptown section of Philly on Friday morning and AllHipHop is reporting that the victim was indeed Tommy Hill—born John Wilson. An anonymous source told the site that robbery was the motive in the murder of Hill, who was a member of hip-hop group R.A.M. Squad.

“He was in a bar having a good time and afterwards they shot him and robbed him,” the source told AllHipHop. “The dudes he was with shot back, security came out and it was a hectic situation.”

The source claims that Hill initially survived the shooting, but died in a Philadelphia hospital over the weekend.

“He thought he was safe and it turned ugly on him,” the source said. “People sleep on Uptown and that part of the city. [But] this is the same place Cassidy got into his situation, its just as bad as North and South philly. He thought he was in an area where he was safe.”

In 2001 Hill and the R.A.M. Squad released their most known album R.andom A.ccess M.oney which was anchored by the single “Ballers (Up in Here).” Nelly and Onyx’s Sticky Fingaz would eventually appear on the song’s remix.

The R.A.M. Squad, who consisted of Boy Backs, Six 9, Suave and Tommy Hill hailed from the Richard Allen Homes and the group’s name was a acronym for Richard Allen Mob. Hill would later face serious legal trouble in 2003. He was charged with selling crack cocaine to a government witness and pled guilty to avoid jail time.

Hill was also accused of being an informant for the government, but R.A.M. Squad member Boy Backs later came forward and admitted to providing the feds with information and setting up his partner Tommy Hill.

Rest in peace Tommy Hill