Ice-T Talks 'Original Gangster' Video Concept On 'Yo! MTV Raps'


If record label execs thought that Ice-T would clean up his act on his 1991 single “O.G. Original Gangster” they had another thing coming. The song’s iconic video starts with Ice listening to an answering machine while label higher-ups asked him to dance in his videos and incorporate glitter in his wardrobe; good luck. Ice-T will appear on “Yo! MTV Raps: Classic Cuts,” a one-time special that will examine some of raps most iconic songs and videos. While filming for the show, the rapper-turned-actor discussed the concept for his 1991 classic. “I thought that at sometimes when you’re moving too much people aren’t listening to the words,” Ice told “Yo! MTV Raps” producers. “So the concept of ‘Original Gangster’ was to put me in a room do a camera lock-off and me just rap in the room in different places.”

The no non-sense L.A. MC found inspiration in Sinead O’ Connor’s video for her 1990 Prince remake “Nothing Compares 2 U.” In O’Connor’s clip, the camera solely focuses on her, placing emphasis on the song’s lyrics and the singer’s emotion. “I just wanted to see if I can stay in a room and hold your attention throughout a video,” Ice said. “To me rap is about the words, its about the content. if its not about that then just play the beat.”

Don’t miss “Yo! MTV Raps: Classic Cuts” on MTV2 Sunday, December 4 at midnight

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