Fans React To Nicki Minaj Single 'Roman In Moscow'

On Thursday (December 1) Nicki Minaj promised to unleash her wayward alter ego Roman Zolanski in the new single “Roman in Moscow,” and 24 hours later she kept her word. The first single from her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded hit iTunes on Friday afternoon (December 2) and fans couldn’t be more ecstatic. From her tweets we can tell that Nicki is enjoying the song’s reception—“Walked out to a billion paparazzi and a MOB of barbz screaming the words to Roman in Moscow!!!! Hahahahhahahahahha!”—and her fans certainly haven’t been able to stop talking about it.

Nicki's right-hand man Safaree chimed in on the new track, but one of our favorites included the fan who couldn’t decide if he likes Nicki Minaj or Roman Zolanski better now. Stan problems!

@SCAFFBEEZY THIS SONG will make you lose weight... so much energy..... ROMAN IN MOSCOW

@NickiMinajHelp Roman In Moscow was everything and more @nickiminaj thanks for making me want 2-14-12 to get here faster

@REYY_MINAJ Roman In Moscow has been played 44 times.!

@JakyraWill Jay Tee Dub :) I don't know who I like better , @NICKIMINAJ or Roman ! I think I love them both EQUALLY ! I love Roman in Moscow!

@J0rdan0re0 Jordan K. Roman's Revenge and Itty Bitty Piggy had a baby and that baby is Roman In Moscow.

@Minaj_IsNMe All imma say is, "Roman In Moscow" got a girl feeling sum kind of wayy, weak n the knees! @NICKIMINAJ

@BishSayyWaaat okayyyy @nickiminaj Roman in Moscow is off the CHARTS!! Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!

@Yaya_LTL I'm feel'n that Roman in Moscow ( i can't stop moving) @NICKIMINAJ

@iMINAJDOTCOM Roman In Moscow = the type of song you NEED to listen to before you go to the club - you gon walk in there like , bxtch who you finna try.

@PrettyJCK *Plays Roman In Moscow on repeat while I get ready*

@Mr_Markell Roman in words..It was funny though

@TeamMinajAustin I'm at the laundromat blasting Roman in Moscow. IDC IDC IDC