50 Cent Signs Jersey Shore's Pauly D To G-Note

By Henna Kathiya

50 Cent is the Street King of announcements this week. On Thursday the G-Unit CEO took to twitter to reveal that Jersey Shore star, DJ Pauly D, is now officially signed to his G-Note imprint, and he followed that up with a release date for his new Big 10 mixtape. Rumors about Pauly D being signed to G-Unit Records circulated back in April but neither party confirmed. Yesterday, both Fif and Pauly tweeted about the new partnership.

They both twitpic’d a photo of them throwing the deuces up. “This me and my boy @djpaulyd G NOTES newest addition good times,” Fifty wrote. The Jersey Shore star added that “big big things are in the works” obviously in regards to his new deal with G-Note. Pauly D’s publicist also tweeted the official announcement of the deal to the public. While no details have surfaced on what exactly is in the works, it seems as if 50 cent is trying to change up his sound by adding Pauly D’s “club” music sound to the roster.

While Fif is adding new music to his label, he’s also planning to release his newest project, Big 10, a mixtape commemorating the 10-year anniversary of his 2002 release 50 Cent Is The Future. The tape features 10 new songs, with a lead track title “Stop Crying.” This week he introduced the song via Twitter with a few choice quotes.

“Stop crying pay attention to details in art,” he wrote. “Why this song first cause this is the BIG 10. If U look close U will find the names of several great generals in my face. I have no eyes, no windows 2 my soul. This Is coldest sh-t.”

50 seems pretty confident in his new mixtape, already setting it up to be one of the best projects release this year. “The BIG 10 mix tape is gonna be crazy better then most albums this year. Trust me lol streetking support the movement,” he added on Twitter.

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