RIP Mercedes Maybach: Notable References In Hip-Hop Songs

(Jay-Z, Kanye West take a blowtorch to a Maybach in "Otis" video)

By Gil Kaufman

Maybe it’s time for Rick Ross to rebrand his Maybach Music Group label. How about Touareg Music Group? Or the Lagonda Music Group? The Bawse might consider the change since carmaker Diamler announced this week that it is shutting down its super-luxury Maybach brand, after more than a decade of losses on the ride that sets you back anywhere from $350,000 to more than a milli. The German auto giant may have taken a bath on the whip that looked good—but rode just okay—but that didn't stop hip-hop from fully embracing the 'Bach, from the moment Mercedes shipped the first model over in 2002 and helicoptered it onto a landing pad on Wall Street.

Ja Rule was an early adopter, becoming one of the first New York rappers to own one, and Lil Wayne rhymed the praises of a "long body Maybach" on a verse from Ja's "Uh Oh." Wayne did some more product placement on Ross' "Maybach Music 2," when he bragged about his "all black Maybach."

Jay-Z hopped on the hype train early, too, mentioning the ride in "Change Clothes" with the lines, "Your dude is back/ the Maybach coupe is back." He loved it so much, in fact, that he gave the car another shout out on The Black Album on the tune "What More Can I Say," rapping, "the Maybach roof is translucent/ ni---s got a problem Houston."

The Game has dropped multiple references on songs including "Westside Story" and "Documentary," Joe Budden tipped it in "Remember the Titans," Drake weighed in on "Dreams Money Can Buy" and T.I. also praised his black-on-black 'Bach on "Pyro."

Kanye West went all in on his love affair with the car, describing his NY ride with Cali plates in the "Power" remix and teaming with Jigga to go on and on about it in "Gotta Have It," with the memorable and highly quotable line "Racks on racks on racks/ Maybachs on bachs on bachs on bachs on bachs." The dynamic duo went further in their Watch the Throne video for "Otis," chopping up and pimping one out by ripping off the doors and grill and tearing up its glass roof (

The good news here, is that rappers are always on to the next one, and everyone from T-Pain to Birdman, Flo Rida and Ross himself have quickly moved on to the $1 million-plus Bugatti.