50 Cent Drops 'Stop Crying' From 'Big 10' Mixtape

Over the weekend 50 Cent abruptly announced plans to release ten new songs this week, to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of his 2002 mixtape 50 Cent Is The Future. Fif said that the project will be called the Big 10, and as promised, he delivered “Stop Crying,” the first of ten tracks on Monday night (November 28).

50 introduced the song via Twitter, revealing the artwork and including a few notes. “Stop crying pay attention to details in art,” he wrote. “Why this song first cause this is the BIG 10. If U look close U will find the names of several great generals in my face. I have no eyes, no windows 2 my soul. This Is coldest sh-t. I had to use a BIG line its THE BIG 10 1. STOP CRYING I'm on some other sh-t. Ill remind U why iv gone DIOMAND twice. Street king.”

As per his previous announcement, 50 also plans to release visuals to accompany each individual tracks. “Its been 10 years since I put out 50cent is the future. So I'm putting out the BIG 10 next week 10 smoking hot tracks,” he wrote on Sunday. “I'm shooting videos for every song on the tape. The BIG 10 I got something for a haters ass it called hits lol #SK”