'Love & Hip-Hop' Star Kimbella Wanted 'Unity' with Chrissy, Emily


(Yandy and Kimbella on meeting the girls )

The third episode of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop 2 premiered on Monday night (November 28) and just three weeks in, it’s already becoming a bit difficult to keep track of the arguments. (A rough recap: Chrissy vs. Yandy, Emily B vs. Kimbella, Jim Jones vs. Yandy, Yandy vs. Chrissy). After all the arguing, no beefs were resolved this week, leaving Kimbella to hash out her issues with both Chrissy and Emily B on next week’s episode. But despite all of the drama that’s unfolded, Kimbella tells MTV News that she joined the cast hoping for “unity.”

“I wasn’t nervous meeting the ladies coming into the season,” Kimbella said. “I felt like I needed to get to know them, being that we’re all in the same mix pretty much and I was excited about that. I just felt like it was an opportunity to finally meet them and get to know them and create unity.”

Unity is a far cry from what’s happened so far, and Kimbella has clearly had the most trouble with Chrissy Lampkin thus far. Despite dating rappers who both happen to be members of Dipset, Kimbella says they’d never crossed paths prior to the show. “When I did attend Juelz’s shows, normally it’d just be Julez,” she explained. “Jim and Juelz sometimes have shows together, not as often, but when I go would go with Juelz, Chrissy wouldn’t be there if Jim was there--we just never got to meet. Once the show became an opportunity of mine I was excited to get to know Chrissy.”

“Me and Juelz have only been together for about two years,” she added. “So it’s not like a Jim and Chrissy relationship where they’ve been together for seven years and that would be really awkward. This was the opportunity for us to finally meet.”

So, that went well.


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