Florence + The Machine Perform A Cover Of Drake's 'Take Care'


(Florence Welch on a future collaboration with Drake)

By Nadeska Alexis

Drake and Florence Welch (of Florence + The Machine) having been hoping to collaborate for some time now, but the busy musicians just haven’t found the chance yet. The two initially hit it off after the MTV VMAs in 2010 and in January, Drizzy summoned the English performer to the stage in London, during his European tour to assist with Thank Me Later’s “Fireworks.” There’s still hope that this collabo will happen, because Florence has certainly been paying attention. During a short set for BBC Radio 1, Florence + The Machine performed a rendition of Drake’s “Take Care," which features Rihanna.

Florence gave the song a quick intro before the performance, explaining that she’s a big fan of all three artists who made the track possible. “This is pretty exciting, because it’s sung by one of my…well two of my favorite, well three actually [of my favorite artists],” she said. “Because it’s “Take Care,” which is produced by Jamie xx and is by Drake and Rihanna--so three of my absolute favorite artists and I hope we can do it justice.”

The 25-year-old musician confirmed that she’s still hoping that collaboration with Drake comes to fruition at some point. “I haven't got anything planned at the moment. I've always wanted to do something with Drake. We've always tried to, but we keep both being really busy and nothing's happened,” she said. "We've always been in different places and the time that we did end up in the studio together we ended up getting quite drunk together and there wasn't a song that came out of it".

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