Beyoncé Gets Sexy In 'Dance For You' Video

Dance For You, Beyoncé from on Vimeo.

By Rob Markman

Talk about planned parenthood. Mommy-to-be, Beyoncé is making sure that she is giving fans all that she can before she gives birth next year. On Friday, Bey released another video from her 4 album, this time for the LP’s deluxe edition bonus cut “Dance For You.” The sexy, film noir inspired clip plays out like a 1940’s Hollywood crime drama as beautiful Bey struts into a detective’s office, heels clicking, wearing a short trench and black stockings held up by a garter belt.

As she enters Mrs. Carter peels off the jacket revealing a short silky dress and begins to put on a show for her adoring private eye. “I just wanna show you, how much I appreciate you,” she starts singing on the Dream-produced track.

For most of the video the sultry siren grinds for the camera in a leggy performance using a coffee table, a leather chair and a office desk as props. As the second verse draws to a close, Beyoncé opens the office blinds revealing four more dancers who begin to put on a steamy choreographed dance number.

“Tonight I’m gonna dance for you, tonight I’m gonna dance for you,” she sings on the hook. And dance she does, as Queen B invites her lover (and viewers) to “sit back and watch.”

By the end of the video the background dancers disappear and Beyoncé sways over to her man. He looks on with his arms folded and an approving smirk on his face. The scene dims and just like that the five-minute and 15-second sultry vid is over.

Hot stuff!

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