Lil Kim Releases 'I'm Not The One' Single

Earlier this month Lil Kim premiered a pair of tracks on Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Radio show on Shade 45, both of which took jabs at Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and the Cash Money camp. Now the Brooklyn rap veteran has released a CDQ version of one of the songs, titled "I'm Not The One." When fans first heard this new track, it was accompanied by a remix of Uncle Murda's "Warning," which aimed to continue Kim's long-running verbal feud with Minaj.

While Kim never mentions Nicki by name on “I’m Not The One," the harsh barbs on the track are no doubt aimed towards her nemesis, from Queens, New York. Employing a husky baritone flow, reminiscent of her Hardcore days, Lil’ Kim’s tough talk sounds menacing if nothing else.

“Everybody wanna talk about Kim, It am not nothing soft about Kim/Everything you walk about Kim, the author I’ve been/Picture me being broke and I can auction my pen, please,” raps a rejuvenated Lil Kim over the aggressive track." There's been no response from Nicki Minaj since the track originally hit the web, but it wouldn't be far fetched for fans to expect a subtle jab in return, at some point.

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