Sneak Peek: Chrissy Lampkin Confronts Yandy Smith On 'Love & Hip-Hop'

Love And Hip Hop

On Monday night’s (November 21) episode of Vh1’s Love & Hip-Hop 2, Jim Jones’ publicist, Yandy Smith, attempted to squash the beef between Chrissy Lampkin and Kimbella by forcing an apology--but that only made things worst. After insisting that Chrissy apologize, Yandy managed to cause even more tension with her response to “Psychotic,” the diss song that Jones’ mother aimed at Chrissy in the season’s first episode. After gifting Chrissy with a book bearing instructions on how to be a better daughter-in-law, Yandy made the mistake of dancing to “Psychotic” in a club and now, episode three will find her facing the wrath of Chrissy.

In the preview clip Chrissy and Yandy sit down to discuss their issues over dinner, but things escalate quickly and ends with Chrissy storming out of the restaurant, telling Yandy, “God can’t get me to walk back here and talk to you. I’m done with you.”


(Yandy Smith on dealing with the Jones family drama)

When MTV News caught up with the cast members in New York City recently, Yandy admitted that she was used to dealing with the drama (even though Chrissy seems to think that she's crossed boundaries this time). “When you guys see Jim walk outside, he’s calling me and he’s going crazy on me,” Yandy said, explaining the scene in episode one where the Harlem rapper first sees his mom’s “Psychotic” video on WorldStarHipHop. “Not only are you a manager, but you’re an advisor, you’re a friend, you’re a counselor, you’re a therapist, so in that moment it was ‘let me keep Jim out of jail before hurting somebody over at WorldStar.”