Heavy D's Brother Reflects On Rapper's Final Album 'Love Opus'


(Floyd Myers On Heavy D's final album 'Love Opus')

By Dionne Buxton

Friends, family and fans continue to mourn the loss of hip-hop legend, Heavy D, but his brother Floyd Myers would like the public to take comfort in the fact that Heav was all about the music, up until his last breath. MTV News caught up with Myers during a memorial service for the late rapper in Mount Vernon, New York, where he talked proudly about the Overweight Lover’s final album Love Opus.

Myers spoke about Heav’s final release, Love Opus, being part of a greater plan. “The stars aligned…this album is called Love Opus, that’s just some creativity flowing out,” he said, explaining that even the album’s artwork exudes warmth. The front cover of the LP shows an abstract painting of what Heavy perceived as love, and the back was an even more powerful statement of love with a portrait of his parents.

“You look at the back of the album and it has a picture of my parents when they got married, and that kinda blew my mind,” Myers continued. “Like outta the millions of pictures that he could’ve picked he has the picture of my parents on his last album.”

Floyd Myers is confident that the album will build upon the legacy that Heavy D has already left in the hip-hop community. “I look at his catalog and it’s sick, it’s lengthy…he’s gonna be remembered man.”

Heavy D was rushed to the hospital on November 8 after collapsing in his Beverly Hills home. He was pronounced dead shortly afterward, at the age of 44. The Los Angeles coroner's office has not yet announced an official cause of death.

Love Opus is currently available on iTunes.