Fat Joe Defends V-Nasty And White Girl Mob's Use Of N-Word

(Fat Joe says Rev. Al Sharpton used n-word the first time they met)

By Henna Kathiya

Fat Joe seems to have love for everyone these days. After telling gay rappers to “rep your set” two weeks ago, the Bronx rapper is now sticking up for V-Nasty and the White Girl Mob, regarding their use of the n-word. V-Nasty is known for dropping the controversial term in her rhymes and everyday conversation, and during an interview with Vlad TV, Joey Crack defended Kreayshawn's homegirl, saying that she isn’t being racist. He pointed specifically to Reverend Al. Sharpton as someone in a position of power who still uses the n-word.

"Unfortunately, the word started as a racist thing many, many, many, many, many years ago. We don't view it as that no more...” he began. “We say 'ni--a' all day. They think that's what's cool. So, if they like, 'Yo, what's up my ni--a?' Oh, sh-t. You a racist. You know they didn't really mean it racist. You know [V-Nasty] ain't tellin' her 'Yo, what's up my ni--a' racist. She's sayin', 'What's up my ni--a!'"

The Terror Squad CEO expressed his love for hip-hop’s versatility, and its ability to allow all races to express themselves. He went on to explain why some people may still take offense to the n-word, even though V-Nasty doesn’t mean for it to be offensive. "It's f-ck-d up. It started out racist, somebody made it cool…I'm willing to defend [V-Nasty]. I never met her in my life but I'm sure she meant it as a term of endearment. Now, if you old school and you grew up with segregation, you grew up when they was throwing water on people, and Rosa Parks, then you take offense."

The rapper then referenced Al Sharpton’s use of the word.

"I'ma give you some breaking news. The craziest sh-t...Reverend Al Sharpton...This is some sh-t. I shouldn't be telling you but Reverend Al Sharpton made a whole campaign against the word ni--a. I swear till my mother drops dead, the first time I ever met Reverend Al Sharpton was with Don King. Don King said, 'Reverend Al, do you know Fat Joe?' He said, 'How I'm not gonna not know the realest ni--a in New York?'

He went on to say just how astounded he was by the Sharpton’s hypocrisy. “It’s the first thing he told me, ever, in the history of mankind. 'That's my ni--a, Fat Joe!' I was mindboggled with the ni--a sh-it."

Joe even defended his own use of the word. "My whole theory about it is, I'm Latino and I can't say ni--a? Blacks and Latinos is the same sh-it,” he noted.