Eminem Interviews Yelawolf About 'Radioactive' On Twitter


(Yelawolf talks working with Eminem on 'Radioactive')

By Nadeska Alexis

Eminem isn’t much of a tweeter (say, in the way that Wale is a tweeter) but he pulled a pretty good move on Monday (November 21) to give his Shady Records artist Yelawolf some love. To celebrate Yela’s studio debut Radioactive hitting stores earlier that day, Marshall interviewed the Alabama rapper via Twitter, in a series of ten questions. You’ve gotta appreciate the casual tone here. Our favorite was number ten, although “Batman vs. Superman” is sort of legitimate also.

Em: Q1 @Yelawolf - Where you at celebrating the release of #radioactive? Q2. U are a true fan. How's it feel to finally have #radioactive out there?

Yela: Sup cr-ck-r d-ck?... I'm in a JackDaniels bottle homie... Watchin 8mile again... sh-ts crazy... it really happened.

Q3. ok white dawg. So when did you start recording #Radioactive?

In Vegas about 10 months ago, in January. Then I played it for you later that month. We had about 12 keepers.

Q4 @Yelawolf - Sure did. What song from #Radioactive is your favorite?

Today, its “hardest love song”. I played it live with a band rehearsing for the Jimmy Kimmel show... sounded saucy.

Q5 @Yelawolf - Really? Why is that your favorite?

Well it varies from day to day, yesterday I was on "Gutter" all day… It was raining and I was on some dark shit.

Q6 @Yelawolf - Who or what inspired you the most while recording #Radioactive?

Man… I just used the people around me… every one who was involved… and of course life experience.

Q7 @Yelawolf - Why did you call it #radioactive?

Its the fall out to my journey so far. The #Radioactive material that came after the war. The uphill battle to get here… …My science experiment gone right.

Q8 @Yelawolf - Now they said to ask some stupid ones. Batman or Superman?

If I had to pick, Batman. But my uncle Critter could kick both their ass in a single bound & shot gun a beer at the speed of light. BAMA!

Q9 @Yelawolf - R u going to the mall later?

Why?... You need some new air max ? hahahaa Honky Kong !!

Q10- @Yelawolf - If u could play #radioactive for any person in the world, who would it be?

That b-tch ass moth-rf-ck-r who threw my demo at my feet from his car window in 05… I was holding my 1 year old son… …now my son is 7 and he’s got anything he wants. Thank you Marshall.

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