'Love & Hip-Hop's' Yandy Smith On Jim Jones, Chrissy, Mama Jones


(Yandy Smith on dealing with the family drama)

By Nadeska Alexis

On the second episode of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop 2, cast members are still dealing with fallout from the brawl between Chrissy Lampkin and Juelz Santana’s girlfriend Kimbella. While Lampkin is worried that the fight will affect Jim Jones' relationship with his Dipset brother, Yandy Smith is worried about the interests of all parties involved (especially since they write her paychecks). Yandy admits to MTV News that as Jim Jones' manager, her job often finds her in the middle of sticky situations. The most recent of which, was the drama surrounding Mama Jones' diss track for Chrissy, called "Psychotic."

“When you guys see Jim walk outside, he’s calling me and he’s going crazy on me,” Yandy says, explaining the scene in episode one where the Harlem rapper first sees his mom’s video on WorldStarHipHop. And although that was an alarming incident, it doesn't seem to be far from the usual, according to Yandy. “Not only are you a manager, but you’re an advisor, you’re a friend, you’re a counselor, you’re a therapist, so in that moment it was ‘let me keep Jim out of jail before hurting somebody over at WorldStar.”

In terms of dealing with Jones’ mom, specifically, Yandy says she's learned that there's not much in the way of solutions. “We can’t control her but we try to sometimes control the forces around her, especially when Jimmy is unhappy,” she says. “I think Jim gets to a point where [he thinks]--it’s my mom and it’s my wife--he loves them both dearly and of course he doesn’t want to see them fight, but it’s a hard place to be. They’re both A-type personalities, so just trying to back them both down or have someone apologize, it’s just not gonna happen. So he does things ways man thing to do and that’s just wash his hands of it.”


(Chrissy Lampkin on Kimbella fight)

It seems that Yandy has figured out how to deal with Jim Jones and Mama Jones, but in episode three she'll battle it out with Chrissy, after making the mistake of dancing to the diss song in a club.