Drake Responds To Ludacris Track 'Bada Boom' On Twitter

During a radio interview last week Big Sean responded to questions about Ludacris’ alleged diss track “Bada Boom,” by insisting that he has nothing but respect for the Atlanta rapper. This past weekend, Drake seemed to add his two cents to the mix by sending a brief Twitter message to Big Sean, expressing a similar sentiment.

Drake directed a quick tweet at Sean, writing “You awlready know. I wish they’d just let young ni--as live…respect always,” before following up with one additional message aimed at no one in particular. “Who can I trust in 2012? No one not even myself.”

In contrast to Drake’s blunt tweets, Big Sean tried to squash the issue during his interview with KUBE 93 radio station in Seattle by explaining the situation in context. “Ya'll sure [the song] is about me? 'Cause I didn't hear no name or nothing, " he said. "I ain't got no problems with Luda, I never did. I think he's referring to an interview I did over a year ago. Literally over a year ago. But in the interview I said he's a legend. I respect people who is ahead of me. I respect OGs and the Gs in general.”

Ludacris’ beef seems to stem from the two young rappers’ decision to mention his single “My Chick Bad,” as duplicating their “Supa Dupa” punchline flow. He addressed it all on “Bada Boom,” from his recent mixtape 1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First Time, rapping, “Let me explain, nothing's been new since Big Daddy Kane/Flows'll get recycled, passed around to different names.”

Do you think Drake's tweet was directed at Ludacris?