Lil Wayne Introduces New YMCMB Artist In Latest PSA

(Lil Wayne on YMCMB artist Torion Sellers)

By Nadeska Alexis

Lil Wayne’s last public service announcement, released in October, was a memorable and undoubtedly amusing clip. Over a span of 30 minutes, videographer Derrick G filmed Weezy as he hazily—but excitedly—discussed Steve Jobs’ influence, his own passion for skateboarding and the drinking lean, among other things. The rapper's latest PSA, however, is a much shorter clip, promoting his new Young Money/Cash Money artist, 14-year-old singer and dancer Torion Sellers.

“Today I wanna reveal something new, I wanna reveal something needed, I wanna reveal something now, I wanna reveal something then, I wanna reveal the future,” Wayne begins the 7-minute clip, with his usual sing-song dialog. But unlike his first PSA, this video gets straight to the point, as he introduces young performer, Torion Sellers, who immediately launches into a rendition of The Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, that’s just part one, that’s just a piece of what we’re doing over here at Young Money, again I give you the 14-year-old Torion,” Wayne says, sending the camera back to Sellers for him to perform one more song. The last segment of the video is what really tickles Lil Wayne, as Sellers shows off his dance moves to the soundtrack of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now.”

So, if you were wondering who the next YMCMB star would be, here’s your answer.