Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, Andre 3000 Celebrate Matrimony on ‘I Do’

By Tamara Palmer

With a body of work that includes songs like “Tear It Up,” Young Jeezy isn’t exactly known for creating romantic tunes dedicated to the ladies. But now a new collaboration with Jay-Z and Andre 3000 finds the three emcees waxing poetic on unusual topics for the rap game: monogamy and matrimony. “I Do” is the latest single from the ATL rapper’s upcoming album TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition, due out on December 20.

Set to a backdrop of samples from Lenny Williams’ 1978 soul classic “Cause I Love You”--the same song used to craft Twista and Kanye West’s “Overnight Celebrity”--the song finds Jeezy sounding atypically sprung. “I see some ladies in here tonight I might marry,” he raps. “Gone off the Belvy and ‘Tron, it’s too scary/Baby, you can have whatever you like, the tooth fairy.”

A portion of Andre 3000’s verse on the song was leaked back in the summer of 2010, which, at the time, caused speculation that it might be for the Outkast member’s highly anticipated solo album. With its’ classic soul samples, it reminded listeners of UGK’s 2007 hit “Int’l Players Anthem,” another celebration of marriage.

With Jay-Z being the only married one in the bunch, it’s less surprising to hear him getting lyrical on monogamy, offering lines like, “I walk down this aisle faithfully/Cut that cake for me.” The early buzz on “I Do” suggests that there are a great many listeners who appreciate and accept the sentiment of commitment from a musical genre that often touts the opposite.

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