J. Cole Gives Advice On The Premiere Of MTV2's 'Guy Code'


By Dionne Buxton

On Tuesday night (November 15) MTV2 premiered its new, uber masculine show Guy Code. J. Cole appeared on the inaugural episode to provide some special commentary, reflecting on his partying days in college, his pre-partying rituals (college kids are broke), flirting with the ladies, and—of course—getting the girl, in what he calls “a good a--night.”

In case you missed the fine print, Guy Code is a guide to being as dude-ly as possible. Last night’s episode touched on man-scaping, bottle service, and sexting.

As far as man-scaping goes, shaving is good as long as you still look like a man. But, men, you should never discuss this with the bros…ever. Sexting is a very touchy subject. Never over do it, and as far as “junk mail” goes, play it by ear. Some girls like the freaky pics, and some think it’s extremely lame.

Regarding bottle service, the question is whether or not you should pre-game before going out in order to save money, or just order an over-priced bottle to impress the ladies and your friends. The overall consensus was that if you got it you should flaunt it, but if you don’t, then frontin’ ain’t cool.

Using animated scenes, advice from noted comedians, club shot-girls and Vinny from the Jersey Shore, Guy Code avoids preaching and goes for laughs instead of giving empty promises to change your life. If you missed last night’s hilarious episode head over to MTV2.com.