Drake Challenges Lil Wayne To A Rap Battle

By Tamara Palmer

Drake will almost certainly have the number one album in the country next week after today’s release of Take Care, but he appears to be craving an even bigger title. In an interview with Billboard, Drake made it known that he has issued a challenge to his mentor Lil Wayne: A live face-off for a Jamaican-style “sound clash,” or in other words, a song-for-song battle to “see who the people love more.”

“He’s serious about it,” Drake told Billboard of his challenge to Wayne, “he accepted like, ‘Man, I’m ready. I’m gonna eat your food.’ I’m like, ‘Aiight, we’ll see.’”

It remains to be seen whether the former Degrassi star might be too strung out on compliments or overdosed on confidence to have the courage to call out his mentor in a game of lyrical supremacy. The date and geographical location has yet to be announced, but if it does materialize, it’s likely to be the kind of show that makes online ticket brokers giddy with anticipation. It also threatens to be one of hip-hop’s more theatrical experiences without even really trying, especially if we get the MCs attempting to adopt some version of Jamaican patois in the process.

Battling has been on Drake’s mind a lot lately—or at least, so it would seem. He recently mentioned to the Village Voice that he’s an ardent follower of the North American battle rap scene. “It gets me excited in the studio, to watch these rappers, to see them rap for a whole different cause,” he said. “I rap to make albums; I rap to make radio records. But these guys prep for these competitions where my heart would be beating out of my chest if I ever stepped to another guy and I had to battle him [for] three rounds, long-ass rounds with so many raps to remember. So I get very inspired by that, seeing other people doing the same thing but doing it so differently.”

Who do you think would emerge victorious in a battle between Drizzy and Weezy? Is it even a question? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.