Theophilus London On 'Love Is Real' Video, Clothing, Album Plans


By Jocelyn Vena

Theophilus London is a pretty busy guy. Since he dropped his album, Timez Are Weird These Days, earlier this year he's become quite the buzzy artist. He's been hanging out with Kanye West and crossing over into the pop realm by recording a track for the latest Twilightflick, but he's certainly not resting on his laurels.

He's got a number of projects in the works, which he gladly updated us folks here at MTV News on when we caught up with him last week. First up, Theophilus teased us with his next music video. "Right now I'm working on "Love Is Real"... "Love Is Real" is my next single and it's just about reincarnation and how love is so real and super real and I'm happy to work on that next, but I'm really excited about the new stuff that's coming out."

Theophilus then quickly mentioned an in-the-works remix album before going into some details about his next proper album release. "This next album it's something you can put on on a Sunday night and still listen to on a Monday morning," he explained. "I want to make this the perfect Sunday album; mellow tones and sexy, but still hip [that includes] saxophones and funk music and just breathing New York."

As if that wasn't enough, Theophilus, much like his pal Yeezy, is hard at work on expanding his brand into the fashion world. "Also, I'm just deigning," he said. "I got my own line of sequin tank tops coming out. I'm working on a line with Stetson hats and a jewelry line, [a] collab with this girl from France, and also working on new albums for the spring and touring; it's been great."