Lil' Kim Plans To Release A Memoir And Documentary

By Carly Kilroy

Three years ago Lil Kim was sued by publishing company Simon & Schuster after accepting an advance to pen a memoir that she never turned in. Now, the Queen Bee is making another commitment to have her story detailed in print. The Brooklyn-bred rapper has announced plans to release a new book called The Price of Loyalty, as well as an untitled documentary—neither of which have been given release dates.

Kim shared details on the project during a recent interview with Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Radioshow on Shade 45. “I’ve been independent; you know I left my record company two years ago. I was in another situation and that’s going to be in the documentary as well and why it took so long,” she said. “I am not sure if I’m going to separate that documentary from that book. That’s what we’re trying to figure out right now.”

Both projects will explore Kim’s life, pre-and-post prison, detailing the effect that her sentence of one year and a day had on her career and personal life. Lil’ Kim was incarcerated in a Philadelphia federal prison for lying to a grand jury about details surrounding a shooting outside of Hot 97’s New York City headquarters in 2001. Lil’ Kim has been working on her “comeback” ever since her release from prison in July of 2006.

“I’ve been doing everything myself and quite frankly, for me to not have the backing, or the budget that I used to have, for me to be able to still move the way I move and be relevant the way I am, I feel blessed,” she said.

In 2008 Simon & Schuster sued the Queen Bee for failing to turn out a finished product after she accepted a $40, 000 advance for a memoir. “When I did my [first] book deal they were basically like ‘we want the Kim life story.’ But my lawyers were like ‘no, no, that’s like four different checks,” she said. ‘Cause [my story is] to be continued, to be continued, to be continued.”