Juvenile 'Impressed' With Drake's Remake Of 'Back That Azz Up'

By Dionne Buxton

Drake’s sophomore album Take Care is in stores today, and although there will be album reviews on top of album reviews (on top of album reviews), none of those opinions will hold much weight in comparison to praise from the original Cash Money team. Drake pays tribute to the label’s beginnings by remaking Juvenile’s 1999 club banger “Back That Azz Up,” into a slow jam called “Practice,” and Juvey had rave reviews of the track.

Juvenile told XXL that he’s impressed with Drake’s remake of the “Back That Azz Up.” “I’m kind of flattered that it was Drake and that it’s an R&B song,” he said. “I never pictured it to be used that way, but he did a great job with it, man… We started going through the clearance process and stuff like that, and when I heard it I was impressed because I really thought that “Back That Azz Up” was a hard song to remake. The fact that he took it somewhere else, I think it was big. I like that”

The New Orleans rapper is even looking forward to a collaboration with Drake—if, or when—his schedule slows down. “In the future we gonna get to know each other… dude’s been kind of busy with this project. You know he got that deadline, so I understand what’s been going on and he got a whole lot of people trying to do features before his album come out. My album is later than his.”

Is a possible Cash Money/Young Money reunion in the works? Don’t hold your breath—thanks to the drama that surrounded the split of Cash Money Records—but Mannie Fresh add that it’s all love, and that Drake knows how to handle his business.

"We spoke about it before he recorded the song," Fresh told TheBoomBox, "I even sent him some beats. I know my history and business of it kind of makes it crazy because who he is signed with. But Cash Money reached out to me and handled their business in a professional way. Drake called and made sure to say, 'Get in touch with Mannie, give him whatever he wants and make sure the business is straight.' That's all I've ever asked for. I never had a problem with Cash Money. I just had a problem with the way they did business."

He added that his relationship with Drake isn’t affected by his history with Cash Money.

"I feel like Drake is a different artist. I know he is signed to Cash Money, but I would not put him in the middle of my business with them. I'm big enough to say, "Yo, whatever happened between me and Cash Money should not affect what happens between me and Drake."