Outtakes From A 'First Date' With Mac Miller


By Rya Backer

Last week you watched Mac Miller and I go out on a classy First Date at Katz's Delicatessen in New York (classy being the operative word). In celebration of Blue Slide Park’s very successful debut on Tuesday (November 8), I thought I'd share some of the unpolished pearls that ended up on the cutting-room floor. The outtakes are just as entertaining as edited footage we originally premiered.

As was already evident in last week's reel, Mac kept me laughing for the duration of our date, whether he was talking about his five-year plan or describing the moment he was born. This week’s footage is no different.

What we held back from the edited clip were moments when Mac explained the (Kosher) contours of a Jewish woman’s rear end and what nervous habit he succumbs to when he gets nervous (hint: it’s not unlike a habit that his fellow Pittsburgh resident and labelmate, Wiz Khalifa, is vocally fond of).

The soundtrack to this video is “Up All Night”—one of my favorite tracks on Blue Slide Park, because I’m a sucker for college rager anthems. Shout out to everyone who saw me dancing alone to this song at the listening party.

Please enjoy, and please tell me who I should go out with next (for my job, please) at @RyaBacker.