Lil Wayne Kicks Stalker Fans Off His Miami Property

By Nadeska Alexis

Celebrity stalking is a favorite American pastime, but hip-hop enthusiasts should probably know that rappers have a lower tolerance for nonsense than the average celebrity. Two rabid fans recently camped out in front of Lil Wayne’s Miami home for a chance to spot the rapper eater in the flesh. Too bad that they made it extra weird by posting up at night, creeping on a female visitor and ultimately pissing off Lil Wayne, who bluntly told them to “f-ck off.”


After we published the story, Alex Rodriguez, one of the fans in clip below reached out on Twitter to explain the situation.

Fine, so maybe "rabid" was too extreme.

Original Story

The two male fans recorded the entire encounter and submitted it to WorldStarHipHop, maybe so that other stalkers-to-be could learn from their lesson. As they pull up in front of Wayne’s house in a car, they notice that an attractive female visitor has pulled into his driveway. They mark the moment by throwing on Weezy’s hit “Sure Thing” and then start looking for their big break.

To the best of our hearing abilities, this is how things went down:

“I’ma scream out his name until he f-cking open,” one of the fans says. “That ni--a opening the door, I’ll get arrested but f-ck it.” After gawking at the houses around him—“coming live from Lil Wayne’s neighborhood”—he finally spots the New Orleans native.

Fan: “Weezy…Can we get a quick picture bro?”

Lil Wayne: "Yo, do me a favor, get the f-ck out this neighborhood, or get your head knocked the f-ck off, do that… Get the f-ck out this neighborhood homie.”

Fan: “Just sightseeing though.”

Lil Wayne: “Get the f-ck out this neighborhood homie.”

Fans: “My bad, my bad.”

The end. The moral of this story? Leave the celebrity stalking to TMZ—they get paid for it, at least.