Odd Future Releasing The Internet's Debut Album On December 20

By Rob Markman

The Internet has next. Since Odd Future signed their distribution deal with Sony RED in April, fans have speculated on the label’s first release. OF announced on Tuesday that on December 20 the label will be digitally releasing The Internet’s debut album Purple Naked Ladies and dropping the physical version on January 17, 2012.

The Internet which consists of OFWGKTA DJ Syd the Kyd and Matt Martian released their Matt Alonzo-directed video for “Cocaine” last week and have already leaked tracks “Love Song-1” and “They Say.” The three previously heard singles is already available as the Cocaine EP, but next month fans will be able to purchase the project in its entirety.

The “Cocaine” video is a trippy ride where Syd lures an ill prepared female lover into a world of coke and ecstasy. The two hold hands and parade through a carnival before the drugs ultimately become too much to handle.

When it is released the 14-track Purple Naked Ladies will feature OF MCs Left Brain and Mike G. as well as Kilo Kish, Coco O. and Pyramid Vritria.



1. Violet Nude Women

2. They Say/Shangrila (ft. Tay Walker)

3. She Dgaf

4. C*nt

5. Cocaine/Tevie (ft. Left Brain)

6. Ode to a Dream (ft Kilo Kish & Coco O.)

7. Gurl (ft. Pyramid Vritra).

8. Love Song -1

9. Lincoln (ft. Mike G & Left Brain)

10. Web of Me

11. She Knows

12. Fastlane

13. Visions (ft. Coco O.)

14. The Garden

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