Conrad Murray Found Guilty In Michael Jackson Case, Rappers React


By Dionne Buxton and Carly Kilroy

Eyes and ears have been glued to the TV, Internet and radio for weeks, patiently awaiting a verdict in the case brought against Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray. Murray was tried for involuntary manslaughter after evidence showed that there were large doses of the drug propofol in Jackson’s system at his time of death. The prosecution argued that Murray knowingly administered mass amounts of the drug, but Murray maintained his innocence throughout the trial, stating that Jackson self-injected the lethal dose. On Monday (November 7) at 4 p.m. the verdict was finally delivered. Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and he will be held without bail, until his sentencing on November 29. Since the news broke, the hip-hop community has shared their reactions via Twitter.

@Pill4180 #DoctorsBetterThanConradMurray Dr. Pepper

#DoctorsBetterThanConradMurray Dr. Quin Medicine woman

@NickCannon GUILTY! Justice for Michael Jackson. The jury has spoken. What do you think?

@questlove Guilty. now what?

@souljaboy he's guilty

@noreaga Guilty - S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G

@jayrock Damn Conrad

@cthagod I told y'all when the trial first started Conrad Murray was getting found guilty. Don't act surprised.... People on the jury was probably listening to Michael on the way to court everyday and you think they going to find you not guilty?

@BunBTrillOG Guilty. Scapegoat.

@slimthugga Why it gotta be somebody from Htown that kills the greatest artist of all time smfh

@gmalone This man aint finna RUN....... its 4 funky ass YEARS!