'Watch the Throne' Tour At MSG: What Guests Can Fans Expect?

By Steven Roberts

On Saturday night (November 5), Kanye West and Jay-Z brought their Watch the Throne tour to New Jersey's IZOD Center and just like their previous performances in Atlanta and North Carolina, there were no guest appearances. On Monday and Tuesday nights, however, Jay and Ye will hit the world famous Madison Square Garden and it might be time to break from the feature-free stretch. Although the show works great without guests—Hov and Yeezy tag team the stage better than Hogan and the Macho Man, and guests might throw off their chemistry—here are a few features who might pop up on those giant elevated cubes during the show.

Swizz Beatz

Swizzy has worked with both artists on a number of tracks and we wouldn’t put it past the Monster to stop by. Swizz could potentially hype the crowd up for “On To the Next One” and “So Appalled,” plus spit the hook to “Welcome to The Jungle” off of the Throne’s album. We’re just hoping that he grabs an MPC and he and Jay perform “Jigga My N*gga” from Ryde or Die Vol. 1.

Alicia Keys

There’s not much Mrs. Beatz can do on Monday night besides try to talk some sense into Kanye, only to realize 30 minutes later that there’s no convincing him (That's a reference to "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" btw). But seriously—there’s no way that she and Jay wouldn’t perform “Empire State of Mind” right?

Frank Ocean

Odd Future’s resident crooner is featured on the two WTT tracks, “No Church in the Wild” and “Made in America.” The Throne performed both songs in Jersey on Saturday and Frank just so happens to be in New York. On the other hand, he did cancel his show Bowery Ballroom show on Sunday night just an hour before doors opened, due to illness. Maybe there’s a small chance that he’ll recover just in time to grace Garden's stage.

Kid Cudi

Cudi and Kanye have a unique chemistry both on and off stage. Cudder could potentially lend his Cleveland sound to many of the singles from 808s & Heartbreak, or even more recent tracks such as “All of the Lights” or, god-willing, “Illest Motherf-cker Alive.”

Bun B

One of the highlights of Saturday’s show was Jay’s performance of the classic single “Big Pimpin’.” Jay and the crowd teamed up to rap Pimp C’s verse (“Smoking out, pourin’ up, keepin’ lean up in my cup”) and while Pimp C won’t make it for obvious reasons, that doesn’t mean that the big Southern rap impresario won’t.


Baby bump aside, there’s no reason why Bey can’t come out and blow the Garden’s newly renovated roof off for a performance of “Lift Off.” Hell, she could even sing “See Me Right Now,” “Crazy in Love,” or “Ring the Alarm.” As long as she and Hov don’t do “’03 Bonnie and Clyde,” I’m good—never really liked the song.