Drake's 'Take Care' Features Rihanna, Samples Gil-Scott Heron

By Steven Roberts

I can’t stress enough just how impressed I am with Drake’s sophomore LP Take Care. It’s a solid follow-up album, instantly better than his 2010 debut Thank Me Later, because it’s more representative of the artist that Drake is. The album’s title track “Take Care” is an immediate standout, and not just because of the Rihanna feature. A few months ago, news broke that Drake was working with English producer Jamie xx and that immediately caught my attention. Now, we can hear the result of that collaboration in the beat on this track.

Jamie is part of the brains behind The xx’s Mercury Award-winning album, xx and he recently worked with the late, great Gil-Scott Heron, remixing his final album, I’m New Here to create We’re New Here. When I heard that Drake was looking to work with Jamie, I was positive that the collaboration would produce something great.

Fast forward a few months to the premature release of Take Care and it’s now clear that the album’s title track features a sample from Jamie xx’s remixed Gil Scott-Heron track “I’ll Take Care of You.” Heron’s gruff, distinguished voice can be heard cutting through the bridge of the song. Rihanna, who is currently enjoying a tremendous amount of success with another U.K. producer/artist Calvin Harris, fits right in on the drums of the dubstep-inspired track. The song has potential to be an international crossover dance pop hit and at the same time it doesn’t feel forced, the way a Drake and Rihanna track should. It sounds like there is natural chemistry between both singers and Mr. xx.