Game Isn't A Suspect In Murder Of Brick Squad Associate RoseMo

Compton rapper, Game, has been embroiled in many a public feud in the past, with heated exchanges spilling over onto his very active Twitter timeline. A recent foe, Jomo “RoseMo” Zambia, alleged that he fought and defeated Game in front of his son while the rapper shopped in Los Angeles’ Fox Hills Mall, so when RoseMo died this week, suspicions were raised. Zambia was shot in the arm and torso while driving in Inglewood on Wednesday (November 2) causing him to crash into an unmarked police cruiser, but according to police statements, Game is not considered a suspect.

RoseMo, an affiliate of Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad, filmed himself bragging about his one-sided physical altercation with Game just two months ago. RoseMo seemed to have a penchant for rapper run-ins--CTE affiliated rapper 2Eleven also filmed RoseMo assaulting Inglewood rap artist Boskoe, who reportedly suffered serious injuries.

RoseMo took to Twitter to haul off verbal threats in Game’s direction, which the former G-Unit affiliate responded to with similar violent barbs. RoseMo has also publicly feuded with Boskoe on the social media network, although the impetus of their clash isn’t clear. Police officials say that their current leads in the investigation do not include Game. Investigators are still seeking suspects in the RoseMo murder.