Young Jeezy Debuts 'TM: 103,' New Jay-Z Track

By Rob Markman

The real is back indeed. It’s been three years since Young Jeezy dropped his Recession album, but after quite a few setbacks the Snowman is readying the release of his fourth LP TM: 103 Hustlerz Ambition for December 20. On Thursday evening the ATL trap star transported the work up to New York and played selections from the long-awaited album for a selected group of journalists and tastemakers at Manhattan’s famed Quad Studios.

Previously released bangers like “Lose My Mind” with Plies, “Ballin’” featuring Wayne and the T.I.-assisted “F.A.M.E.” are all present, but it’s album cuts like the dramatic intro “Waitin’” that give 103 its character. Of course Jeezy is aware of the constant delays that have plagued his album and what’s admirable is that he addresses the issue on the 103’s opener.

Before playing each track Jeezy spoke to the small crowd and broke down what each song was about as he periodically raised his glass in celebration. There are a ton of TM guests, but don’t let the star-studded track list fool you, with its southern baked sound, you never get the feeling that Jeezy has stepped out of character.

Jill Scott lends her vocals to the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced “Trapped,” Ne-Yo shows up for the thug love-laced, Warren G-produced “Leave You Alone” and Fabolous and Jadakiss get busy on “OJ.” The latter is a melodic ode to the dope game. On the hook Jizzle draws a parallel between his former cocaine hustle and the infamous OJ Simpson trial. “I’m killin’ that white b---h; OJ,” he spits.

Devin the Dude and Snoop show up on one particular smoker’s anthem, while Jeezy continues to show his affinity for marijuana (and fornicating with fine women) on the straight-to-the-point “Smoke and F---.”

The highlight of the night came at the end however. On a song which is seems to be called “I Do” (Jeezy didn’t announce a title for this one), the Snowman recruits Jay-Z and Andre 3000 to rap about holy matrimony. Over a drawn out soul sample Jeezy puts his thug demeanor aside for a few and raps “I see some ladies in here I might marry,” before chanting the track’s repetitive hook (“I do, I do, I do, I do”).

Hov obviously toasts to wifey Beyoncé on his verse and recalls their 2008 wedding, spitting, “I walk down this aisle faithfully/ Cut that cake for me.” Then 3 Stacks closes out the affair with a memorable performance.

It may have taken Young Jeezy a long while to get TM: 103 ready, but judging from the initial crowd reaction, when the LP is finally released on December 20, fans will be motivated once again!