Going On A First Date With Mac Miller


MTV News' Rya Backer recently shared a kosher lunch with rapper Mac Miller in New York. Check out the footage and read her story below to see how the date came about.

If I can be frank, I’ve been a fan of Mac Miller’s since he first stopped by the MTV offices a few months ago, immediately recognized me and asked to do a First Date segment. “Donald Trump” was just getting some buzz and he and his friend Q were promoting it. They proved to be genial, hilarious and driven guys, gunning for Mac’s big break. I started listening to his music and I loved his irreverent delivery and catchy hooks.

He came by another time and brought me a box of mints from a Pennsylvania truck stop that read “HOTTIE.” Then he came by another time and wrote me a note expressing how sorry he was that he’d missed me (I was out sick). So, it’s safe to say that Miller is the first man I’ve ever First Date-ed who properly—and platonically— courted me before we went on-camera.

The previous encounters proved to be worthwhile because Mac and I got along super well when we met up at the legendary Katz’s Deli on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. As a native Manhattanite, it was only right for me to invite my father to the shoot since it’s been a favorite spot of his since he was a kid. He and Mac talked about what was good on the menu and he even earned a cameo in the episode (he’s been hitting me up every day since the shoot asking when his “star turn” will go up).

In between conversing for the cameras, I got a sneak peek at the album art for Blue Slide Park and a new perspective on how Miller’s life has changed since he first swung by the office all those months ago. He was stopped by hoards of staff members at the restaurant and we could barely sneak in an uninterrupted take when we shot the intro and outro outside the eatery since he got stopped by so many fans.

I hope you enjoy the footage of our meal as much as I enjoyed my pastrami and corned beef sandwich (and the company).