Future Is Upset About Drake's Absence In 'Tony Montana' Video

Drake’s feature on Future’s breakout single “Tony Montana” bumped the song’s wattage up a couple notches, but when Drizzy didn’t show up to film the video, Future was just a little bit irritated. The Atlanta rapper filmed a sit-down interview with The Source this week, where be begins by giving Drake props for getting on the track—“I salute him just for even getting on the record, because it says a lot about his character”—and ends by saying that the non-cameo was “a slap in my face.” Watch below.

"I salute him just for even getting on the record, because it says a lot about his character. He did give his fans a chance to hear Future for the first time, but he didn’t get on the video," Future began. "I wasn’t real mad about it, but when I first talked about it, I told him, ‘If you do this, make sure you know what you’re doing. This is my baby, this is the first song that I’m doing, this is Tony Montana, this is my single. This is the one that means the most to me, because it’s my breakout single.’"

After expressing his disappointment with Drake’s decision to skip the video shoot, Future reconsidered his decision to put the Young Money Rapper on the collaboration to begin with. "I was just trying to do a great video, I was trying to deliver what the people heard, what the fans heard and what I’ve seen. why I choose you to get on my record out of all people?” he said. “So many people from Atlanta wanted to get on the song. It was basically a slap in my face because they like shit, you should have did someone from Atlanta who get in the video, who wanted to be in the video. and you go outside Atlanta and you get something different."

Drake posted one quick message on his Twitter account yesterday, which seemed to address Future's comment. "Throw em a bone and they want a steak," he wrote.