Watch T.I.'s Son Rap On Young Jeezy's 'F.A.M.E.' Video Set


This past Saturday T.I. joined Young Jeezy on set in Atlanta to shoot the video for his TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition single “F.A.M.E.,” but Tip’s son managed to steal the spotlight from both rappers. During an interview with MTV News, the Grand Hustle CEO attempts to explain the upcoming projects from his artists like B.o.B. but his son, standing beside him, is desperate to get the camera’s attention. “My son Domani here, he hopes to pursue a career in hip-hop,” Tip says, finally addressing him. “Is there anything that you’d like to say?” From here, things get comical. Watch as Domani clarifies his name--“It’s D Money, not G-Money!”--and then proceeds to spit a rather impressive freestyle.

Even before he begins his freestyle, we’re already impressed with this kid’s swag. “Yes, actually, I was on YouTube and they put G-Money instead of D-Money,” he says in response to his dad’s official introduction. “But it’s D-money, not G-Money--okay?” He then goes on to explain his reason for wanting to pursue a hip-hop career, “I wanna be a rapper because, I want everybody to know my songs.” And the name of his first single? “Stacks on Deck,” of course.

After dropping his freestyle, Domani ends his segment like a seasoned veteran. “Goodnight America.” Someone get this kid a record deal.