A Look At Kanye West and Jay-Z's 'Watch the Throne' Tour Set List

By Rob Markman and Nadeska Alexis

On Friday night (October 28) RapFix counted a grand total of 36 songs performed at Atlanta's Phillips Arena for the Watch the Throne tour kick-off. Between The Throne's collaborative songs and Kanye West and Jay-Z's bountiful individual hits, there was plenty of material to go around. Tracks ranged from recent singles like "N---as in Paris" to, Jay-Z's classic "Hard Knock Life" and, of course, "Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)." In lieu of listing all 36, we've included an abbreviated set list along with extra commentary on highlighted tracks, pulled from our detailed live blog yesterday.


(9:00 pm: Lights go low. Kanye and Jay are on two separate platforms that rise on two different ends of the arena.)

"Who Gon Stop Me"

(9:10 pm: Jay stops the music and says, "Can you please turn my ear up so I can hear ATL?" The crowd goes nuts. They finish "Who Gon Stop Me" a capella. A true showman!)


"Where I'm From"

(9:22 pm: "Got To Have It" went off well, Jay and Ye bounced off each other perfectly. Now Kanye and Jay are formally introducing themselves. Jay goes into "Where I'm From" from Vol. 1. Wooooooow! Kanye exits stage.)

"N---a What, N---a Who"

"Can't Tell Me Nothing"

(9:28 pm: Jay-Z exits after doing a few solos. In comes Kanye, "La la laaaaa wait till I get my money right." ATL is ROCKING NOW!)

"Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)"

"You Don't Know"


(9:46 pm: "I'ma need to see ya f----in' hands at the concert." It's "Monster" time. Ye got on some tight leather pants, the soles of his Air Yeezys are glowing in the dark. He is in rock star mode tonight.)

"Power" + Kanye's Remix verse

"New Day"

(9:59 pm: The Throne slow it down and do "New Day." This joint is far too deep, they have to take a seat for this one. Wonder if Bey will come out and rub the belly! Baby Carter gonna be fresh to death, though.)

"Hard Knock Life"

"Good Life"

"Empire State of Mind"

(10:11 pm: Ooooooh ATL, you guys like "Empire State of Mind" too? I feel at home now, "From New Yooooooork." Amazing that the Dirty South is rocking to this.)


"On to the Next One"

(Then Kanye came back out to "Touch the Sky" wearing a tribal type jacket, with a leather kilt and leather pants underneath. Wonder if that's gonna catch on in the 'hood like the shutter shades?

"Dirt Off Your Shoulders"

"All of the Lights"

"Big Pimpin"

(10:47 pm: "On the canopy my stamina be, enough for Pamela Anderson Lee, MTV Jam of the Week." Thanks for the shout-out HOV. ATL singing Pimp C's verse a capella. Rest in peace to THE PIMP!)

"99 Problems"

(10:53 pm: Kanye tells Jay every time he tries "Big Pimpin' " he runs into a "Gold Digger," then he asks Jay for advice. His response? "If you havin' girl problems I feel bad for you son!" These guys are having a ball on stage right now.)

"Lift Off"

"N---as in Paris"

(11:04 pm: "One song and ONE SONG ONLY." Maaaaaaannn "N---as in Paris" sounds better in the stadium than it does in the club!!! That sh-- craaaaaaazy)


"Made it in America"

11:15 pm: "We were just two young men with a dream from Chicago and Brooklyn ... and we "Made it in America." The lights go in the air - cell phones and lighters.