Andre 3000 vs. J. Cole, Who Has The Best Verse on Beyonce's "Party?"

By Nadeska Alexis

Beyonce’s latest single “Party” gave Kanye West a chance to introduce “swagu” to the masses, but with the Wednesday (October 26) premiere of the song’s video, fans now have something else to debate—Andre 3000’s original verse vs. J. Cole’s remix verse. Andre’s verse appears on the album version of the Kanye West-produced track, but it was replaced with a drop from Cole who appears in the song’s video. Let’s compare the two.

Earlier this week, during an interview with Hot 106’s Rise & Grind Morning Show, Cole explained how the verse came about and why it was so much shorter than Andre’s. “You know how many verses I did for that song?” Cole began. “I did a version of that before her album [4] even came out. I did two verses. I love these verses too, but they ended up going with André’s verse and André killed it.”

Before releasing the song as a single, Bey hit up Cole one more time for a few more lines. “Then she reached out to me and she wanted me to get on the remix. I did two more verses,” he continued. “Out of the second set that I did, she picked the first verse. But my second verse, I just gotta say for the record… It was just too long, I think she was looking for something shorter and more to the point.”

Cole acknowledged that he was up against a legend, saying—“When you follow in André 3000?s shoes, you’re expected to really go in”—but with that said, let’s take a look at their respective verses.

Andre 3000: Andre’s verse, almost twice the length of Cole’s, errs on the sexier side and is conscious of his own reputation. “Spit this shit for reallo, Brain Brillo/Kiddo say he looks up to me this just makes me feel old/Never thought that we could become someone else's hero/Man, we were just in the food court eating our gyros…”

J. Cole: Cole’s verse pays homage to song’s Slick Rick sample and gives a few shout outs—to Sade, Ice Cube, and even North Carolina. “We out in Abu Dhabi, we like to party/We don’t’ cause trouble, we just ride Bugatti/Bad chick, shawty sorta resemble Sade/Imported her in from Raleigh, and pulled up into the Valet…”