Mac Miller Debuts 'Blue Slide Park' In NYC, Plus New Video


By Rob Markman

There’s nothing like recording your first album. While Mac Miller has already delivered a few album-like mixtapes filled with tons of original material, the upcoming Blue Slide Park will be the Pittsburgh MC’s official debut and last night (October 26) he premiered it to a room of specially invited guests in New York City. Mac and his Rostrum Records fam set-up shop in Manhattan’s Quad Studios and at 8 p.m. ET Miller took the mic, introduced the album, popped a bottle of Cristal and played the LP straight through.

Produced primarily by the Pittsburgh production outfit ID Labs (E Dan and Big Jerm), Blue Slide Park mixes melodic and mellow flows, with a true school rap feel and in some instances even rowdy rock influences. It’s a true evolution from the 19-year old MC’s K.I.D.S. and Best Day Ever mixtapes.

The lead song “English Lane” is a melodic affair and really sets the tone for the album, while the title track with its' knocking drums finds Mac spitting some of his best lyrics yet. “Who you know that’s iller than Mac Miller and company/ It’s like I planted money seeds right underneath the f---in’ tree/ I got a 100 Gs so none of y’all can f--- with me/ Yeah, I said it publicly so run and tell your mother, mother---er,” he spits with a rapid fire flow.

“Up All Night” is another standout, a true jump-up-and-down party anthem that is sure to go over well in concert. On “Party on Fifth Ave,” E Dan samples DJ Mark the 45 King’s classic “The 900 Number” and Mac’s first single “Frick Park Market” sounds just as good in the context of the album as it does as a standalone.

The true test will come after a couple of spins, but judging from the crowd’s initial reaction, Blue Slide Park seems to be a winner!

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