Tyler, The Creator Has A Beat For Lil Wayne


By Rob Markman

Tyler, the Creator is finally living his rap dreams. Since breaking through this year the Odd Future VMA-winning MC/producer has gotten a chance to drop his first retail album, tour the world, chop it up with his idol Pharrell and meet Lil Wayne. Now if only he can place a beat with the Young Money CEO.

Despite meeting Weezy the usually outspoken rap rookie hasn’t yet built up the nerve to send Wayne the track he already made with Tunechi in mind. "I actually have this beat that I want him on, but I was too scared to get it to [my manager] Clancy to get it to them, but Wayne's cool," he told MTV News.

Seems like Tune would be open to the idea. While on the set of Birdman's "Y.U. Mad" video in Miami on October 15, Weezy — who was rocking a MellowHype T-shirt — told MTV News how he supports the Cali collective. "I just rock with 'em. Shout-out my man Taco; that's my dude," Weezy F. said of OF and Taco in particular. "I'm just real cool with the homeys. Shouts out, Tyler."

During their meet in L.A., Wayne showered the Wolf Gang front man with a ton of praise. Tyler, however didn’t get much of a word in. "I wanted to kinda fan out and sh--," Tyler admitted, "but he gave me a speech about how happy he was that I won a VMA and that seeing my mom go crazy kinda made him feel like he won it too, because that sh-- was real as f---."

All Tyler wanted to do was tell Wayne how much he loved his 2007 Da Drought 3 mixtape and possibly land a beat with Birdman Jr., but he never got the chance. "He sat there for three minutes giving me a speech, and I'm like, 'I just wanted to say that Da Drought 3 was my sh--,' and I couldn't," Tyler said about his first meeting with Weezy.

Maybe next time they cross paths, Tyler will get his chance, and give Wayne some beats too.

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