Beyoncé Recruits J. Cole For ‘Party’ Remix

By Rob Markman

If fans thought Beyoncé would be taking a break after announcing her pregnancy, they sure were wrong. Not only has Bey dropped a video for “Countdown” and “Love On Top” since the news broke that her and hubby Hov were expecting, on Friday night Queen B released a remix to “Party” featuring Roc Nation’s J. Cole.

The remix remains largely intact, the only difference being that Cole raps in place of OutKast’s Andre 3000, who appeared on the original album version. Clearly the lyrics to the Get Fresh Crew’s “La-Di-Da-Di” were a foundation for the Kanye West-produced track and it is with the Slick Rick where Cole finds the inspiration to set his verse off. “We are in Abu Dahbi, we like to party/ We don’t cause trouble, we just ride Bugatti,” Cole spits.

Jermaine goes on to rap about his love interest from Raleigh who resembles Sade. The rap rookie only gets an eight-bar space to get his rhyme off, so it’s a short but potent verse.

Check the bars here:

"We are in Abu Dahbi, we like to party/ We don’t cause trouble, we just ride Bugatti/ Bad chick, shawty, sorta resemble Sade/ Imported her in from Raleigh and poured up into the valet/ The boy dropped the keys tryna sneak a peak at that body/ See this that time of the week she like to freak-a-leak and get naughty/ Therefore I’d like to thank God and Ice Cube for Friday/ ‘Cause La-Di-Da-Di... (we like to party)”

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