Chris Brown Celebrates Halloween With 'N---as in Paris' Video

By Jocelyn Vena

Chris Brown is sinking his teeth into Kanye West and Jay-Z's "N---as in Paris" and he's doing it with his usual Breezy swagger and flair. And the video, which dropped this week, serves as an early Halloween treat for his fans. No tricks here, Team Breezy.

The clip, directed by Godfrey Tabarez, opens with Breezy donning his best "Teen Wolf" gear as the words "It's Breezy B----" flash across the screen. The video cuts between shots of Chris wearing a varsity jacket in a black and neon-LED lighted room and shots of Chris, donning vampire fangs, with T-Pain hanging out in the desert together.

As the video progresses and the song begin to swirl a bit out of control, a 3-D effect is thrown on the footage. The video eventually just fades out as Brown and Pain go hard, Pain in the desert and Brown back in his black room, dressed once again as a werewolf.

Brown first dropped the freestyle over the Watch The Throne track earlier this month. Sonically, the track borrows heavily from the original song, but both Chris throws his own Halloween-fied lyrics on the track even making references to spooky creatures as T-Pain plays hypeman. "You ain't no groupie girl and you know that I won't say sh--/ You got skeletons in your closet, I got aliens in my basement," Brown spits over the song.

So, what do you think of the video and song? Does Breezy do it justice? Tell us in the comments!

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