Rick Ross Resting, Doing 'Good' Red Cafe Confirms


Beloved rapper Rick Ross is back home resting after a health scare last Friday that resulted in a pair of seizure attacks. The heavyweight MC was en route to a college gig in Memphis when his private plane was grounded on separate occasions where Ross suffered two seizures that sent him to the hospital. News of the incident was of deep concern for Ross' rap peers and fans across the board who all wished the popular rapper a speedy recovery.

“We actually been talking about him and praying for him on the trailer because he’s such a crucial part of hip-hop right now and we’re just hoping he’s healthy,” Nicki Minaj told MTV News. “That’s all we can do is pray and hope that he gets some rest and comes back stronger.”

Rest is exactly what Rick Ross has been getting a lot of according to his close friends. During his visit to the RapFix Live studios today (Oct. 19) fellow Ciroc Boy Red Cafe spoke on Ross' present condition confirming the Bawse was doing 'good' and just needed a break.

"I spoke to Ross. Ross is doing good, he's doing well" Red told Sway. "He does a lot. The guy does a lot he's similar to Puff. They do a lot. And sometimes everybody needs to slow down a bit and take some personal time."

When pressed on the specifics of his conversation with Rozay, Red Cafe reiterated that Ross is a strong dude who won't be broken by the recent events.

"He's a winner, hes not gonna ever show that hes not, even if he isn't good" Red continued. "But hes good."

Friend and business associate DJ Khaled recently gave an update on the Bawse, noting that all is well with his rap pal.

"I am not leaving his side. He is resting, he is chilling and he is actually super focused" Khaled told website Global Grind. "He is at the crib and is going to rest and just chill until he gets his energy back. He is going to take everything one day by day. I told him he has to stay home for two weeks. I told him he has got to just chill and relax. I told him he is a big enough star that he can just stay home. His life is more important...When he went in the hospital that was a reality check. I'm trying to tell him, but he's telling me, 'Khaled you ain't got to tell me no more, I understand clearly I got to take my life seriously.'"

Rick Ross was scheduled to make his first appearance since the incident this Friday (Oct. 21) in Atlanta but that date has since been postponed. Get better, Rozay.