Drake Can Never Return To So Far Gone, He Says


By Rob Markman

After he released breakout mixtape So Far Gone in 2009, Drake’s star rose, often taking him away from his native Toronto, Canada. For his upcoming sophomore LP Take Care Drizzy has made a return home, recording the entire album in the T-Dot.

The return to the city that he’s from doesn’t quite mean Drake has returned to the sound that fans all first fell in love with however. “So Far Gone was just a moment in time so I can never return to that, and for people who value that moment in time nothing will ever be as good as that because that’s your favorite moment in time,” Drake told MTV News last week. “Our music is really just time markers to people, a lot of it. Like when people digest our music it may not be about the music, it may be about where you were at that point, what girlfriend you had, what job you had, what classes you were taking.”

Drake understands that the popularity of his music is bigger than what he records in the studio, it also has a lot the fan’s experience with the songs. “You just remember that moment and you say, ‘Man I just love that time in my life,’ and you associate Drake’s So Far Gone with that time in your life, you say, ‘Well nothing will ever be better than that,’” he explained.

In some ways however, Take Care will be a lot like So Far Gone. “If you want to talk about going back to the city, slowing down a bit, pinpointing emotions, speaking openly about family and friends, where I’m at in my life; yeah, in that sense I went back to So Far Gone, but the stories aren’t the same” Drake explained. “I have way more going on in my life, so I can never be that kid that wants it.”

Drizzy has achieved too much to go back now. “I can’t, ’cause I have it, so I have to tell you now about having it. So that’s just an evolution of a human being,” he said. “Hopefully people can listen to my stories and accept that fact that life has changed for me.”