DJ Premier Shoots Down Justin Bieber BET Cypher Rumor

Amid news that veteran producer and Gangstarr sound crafter DJ Premier kept Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber from participating in the recent BET Hip Hop Awards “Cypher” segments, the Texas native hopped on his Twitter account to downplay his comments made on a recent Sirius XM radio show.

Although Preem openly addressed the issue in his typically frank nature during the radio appearance, the legendary beat maker confirmed what was said and denied any involvement in the reported Bieber ban via his Twitter account last night.

“I just saw [these] Justin Beiber tweets from wut I said on DJ Eclipse's show...wasn't that big of a deal how I Said it but...#HelloooTwitter,” tweeted Primo. He added, “[I]f Bieber spit a dope vErsE I'm hood wit it...I wouldn't say I shut him aint my call, just my opinion...” – and added another hashtag not fit for print.

DJ Premier followed up his Twitter rant with, “The only funny part about the Bieber thang is that I can't "ban" aint my Award Show...I know how media plays so I won't trip.” Premier promised some Justin Bieber news will be forthcoming after handling some promotional business later today.

On the show itself, Premier spoke on the decision making process for the “BET Cypher” segments. “Trust me, if I had a lot more pull through the whole situation, there'd be a lot of other emcees on there. But again, they look at it more with ratings and stuff like that. So, when you get some of the artists that people may be surprised to see on there, they're all more current in the Hip Hop world of today. So, they make sure they're in the cyphers,” shared Primo.

This story is sure to develop so stay tuned.

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