Nicki Minaj Introduces Alter Ego 'Female Weezy'


Nicki Minaj and her infamous zany voices and characters have complimented her rap style as she continues to rise atop the ranks as one of the most successful female artists ever. Never one to take herself too seriously, Nicki Minaj has decided to humorously mock Young Money boss Lil Wayne and his 30-minute “public service announcement” released earlier this month by doing her own rendition of the clip – although she shaves it down considerably time wise.

Decked out in boyish attire – camouflage pants, white tank top, jewels and a blond dreadlock wig – Nicki Minaj does her best to mimic her mentor’s gritty southern twang and mannerisms. As the cameraman eggs Nicki – pardon us, the “Female Weezy” – on with some prodding questions, the Pink Friday diva manages to keep a straight face for the duration of the 7-minute clip. Shot on the location in Miami during a break on the Birdman “Y.U. Mad” video set, Nicki rambles effortlessly without breaking stride.

“If you know anything about Lil Wayne, you would know that all I do is defy the odds,” said a drawling Nicki. She would continue with various non sequitur such as “2Pac was my hero” peppering her answers. When asked about what inspired the new hairstyle, Nicki flowed into another rambling answer with, “I am inspired, I AM inspiration. I’m always inspired. Can’t nothing inspire me.”

Nicki as Female Weezy continued to rattle off some of the trappings her boss has boasted off before, such as the $1.8 million dollar Bugatti car – and stating the same claim the real Lil Wayne shared by saying he was the first African-American to own the high end vehicle.

Fans can check out the full clip at: