Grafh A Fan Of Rick Ross' Maybach Music Movement


Queens lyricist Grafh is back on the streets grinding as if hes a new artist with something to prove. Since departing ways with his longtime affiliation at Blackhand Entertainment Grafh has been releasinga flurry of material proving once again why he's one of hip-hop's most unnoticed MCs.

Grafh's most recent project the Rule EP has been stirring up noise in the streets with an official release to purchase the mixtape on iTunes.

"Rule's getting a good response, and I really appreciate it," Grafh told Mixtape Daily. "I worked hard on it, I put a lot of energy into it, and it's different coming from Grafh. I took a different approach. I attacked the music more laid-back, something you can ride to, smoke to."

Typically, the Queens, New York, MC employs a rapid-fire flow, but for Rule, Grafh slowed his complex bars down just a tad. "Stoned" moves at a syrupy crawl, while a mellowed-out Grafh raps about drinking and smoking. On "It's All the Same," he delivers a cautionary 'hood tale, and on the Too $hort-sampling "Don't Stop," the nimble lyricist teams with Bun B for a bouncy banger.

Though currently unsigned, the rap free agent hopes to broker a deal for himself in the near future. Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group and Lil Wayne's Young Money are attractive destinations. "I'm a free agent right now looking for that new money," Grafh said. "Rick Ross is kicking major ass. He's one of those dudes that break artists — so is Lil Wayne. He makes hella money and good music. I love what those dudes are doin'. I'mma fan of what they're doin'."

In the end, however, it is all about the connection Grafh is currently making with his fans. "Without the fans, I'm just a n---a rappin'. They mean more to me than people would imagine," he said. "The fans allow me to do this, or else I'd be doing something else that probably wouldn't be legal."