Beyoncé Drops Full 'Love On Top' Clip, Fans Chime In

After teasing a two-minute clip of her breezy song “Love On Top” last Sunday (October 9), R&B diva Beyoncé premiered the full version last night (October 16) much to the delight of fans awaiting the clip.

Although pulling inspiration from boy band pioneers New Edition and their fan favorite “If It Isn’t Love” video, Bey adds her own flair and twist to the video with some clever and daring costume changes that compliment her infamously curvy figure. After the video’s debut, fans on the Web chimed in with their thoughts.

“I said it once...and I'll say it again. NO ONE can touch Beyoncé performance wise!” said an excited @DamoneRoberts of the clip. Fan @calinative also enjoyed the video by saying, “I think this is my fave video of the album so far.” A supportive @Mica4Life added, “I really liked it. Paid homage to different groups throughout history. Wished the 2nd verse wasn't omitted though.”

User @KissMeKarma was expecting a different angle. “I was hoping for a more 80s inspired video since that was the vibe of the song,” she said. Fan @mrLdavis was also a bit let down by the clip. “This love on top video could have been better tho,” he shared.

One fan acknowledged Beyoncé’s nods to videos of the past, and even mentioned another video said to be awaiting a release from her album 4. “I love that Beyoncé is simply paying homage to lots of old videos with every one of her new videos! can't wait for Party!” said @ItzJazzyJeff.

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