Lil’ Kim Drops ‘Spend A Mill,' Fans React

It appears that Lil’ Kim is preparing to reclaim her throne after dropping a new single over the weekend. Premiering on New York’s Hot 97 station with DJ Absolut, the Queen Bee’s latest track “Spend A Mill” finds the pint-sized diva waxing poetically on all things opulent and high-end on the new release – and after making rounds throughout the Web, fans have chimed in regarding the Auto-Tune heavy selection from Kim.

On fast moving social media network Twitter, Lil’ Kim fans and foes have equally stated their position on the song with both sides drawing lines in the sand over the song. “Spend a mill is on hot97 @LilKimnew joint is fire,” tweeted a supportive @Fresheyeam. User @_SeanMike added, “#justheard lil kim new song..i like it minus the autotune...but im glad its not the first single cause its not strong enough!!”

The Brooklyn rhyme veteran also had a growing number of critics who didn’t enjoy her latest effort. “Can somebody tell Lil Kim that Autotune died 2 years ago?!?!? WTF is she doin wit this new song?!?” said a flabbergasted @showtimesays – echoing a growing sentiment amongst the detractors.

Fan @iAmSexciiP was a bit easier on her, giving the song a chance to sink in but did admit he expected more from Kim. “I just listened to the new Lil Kim song. It's pretty ok, but I was just expecting more from her. I didn't expect her to be singing. I was expecting her to actually come in rapping with a nice hip hop beat but instead she's doing "Auto Tune Kimmy".”

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