Irv Gotti Gets Response To His Def Jam President Post Aims


Last week (October 5), Murder Inc. mogul Irv Gotti graced the couches of “RapFix Live” with our host Sway and chopped it up on the state of the industry, his past success and his tense dealings with Jay-Z. However, the Queens-bred livewire raised a few eyebrows with his bold assertion that he should be named president of famed Hip Hop label Def Jam.

In the passing days since the RapFix appearance, some of rap’s most notable names – including Def Jam’s current Vice President – have chimed in about Gotti’s ambitious aims.

"If you don't want to hire me, the best man for the job, the man who will die for it, cool you’re scared, I understand," said a passionate Irv Gotti about his desire to run the label. “Put somebody in there because you’re not giving any indication that you care about my [Hip Hop] culture” – with Gotti’s lament coming after giving a respectful nod to the late Shakir Stewart who served as Senior VP for the label and acknowledging Jay-Z’s former top post.

Common collaborator, Kanye West mentor and current Def Jam Vice President Dion “No I.D.” Wilson has responded to Gotti’s passionate plea and addressed the issue on Chicago’s WGCI’s Morning Riot radio show earlier this morning. “I know where he’s coming from. Everybody got an opinion about it. I’m just there to do my job, to be honest, Wilson said. "He’s just strongly stating his opinion, and there are some facts in it and there are other parts to this business that have to do with how things [are] the way they are.”

No I.D. carefully spoke about Gotti’s potential in the job saying, “I can’t say. That’s what I mean by I won’t get into whether he can or can’t, because who’s to say who can and can’t? it would be cool to have somebody in that position, but me, I’m a just stay in my position and do the best that I can do for music in general.”

Rap stars took to Twitter to speak about the proven Gotti manning the Def Jam ship, with some calling for him to do so. “Salute Irv Gotti 4 speaking that real sh-- about Def JAM and the state of hip hop Right now!!!!” tweeted Jadakiss. A now deleted tweet on October 12 from Roc Nation artist Jay Electronica simply read, “Irv Gotti For Def Jam President.” During the show, fellow guest Method Man also cosigned for Gotti. In late April of this year, "RapFix Live" guest Ja Rule said that his Murder Inc. boss would be an excellent fit for the gig.

Fans should recall that Gotti was instrumental in bringing cash cows DMX, Ja Rule and Jay-Z to Def Jam during a time when the label was reportedly floundering.

A current online petition urging for Irv Gotti to become Def Jam’s top man has been making its way around the Web of late. No further word from Gotti’s camp about the Def Jam job.

What do you think of No I.D. and others responding to Irv Gotti’s desire to run Def Jam? Tweet to us at @MTVRapFix or leave us a comment below.

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