David Banner Occupies Wall Street, Calls Movement 'Eye Opening'


David Banner joined the now growing list of Hip-Hop artists to make an appearance at “Occupy Wall Street” earlier today in New York City. Other notable rappers including Kanye West and Talbi Kweli visited “Liberty Park” in the past week to show their support of the movement.

Banner, who is no stranger to activism, has been heavily involved in social issues dating back years most importantly his work with the Hurricane Katrina victims where he opened up his home to evacuees.

RapFix had the unique opportunity of following Banner down to lower Manhattan to get his first reaction of the protest and its effects on the hip-hop community. During his experience Banner spoke candidly about his frustration with the changes he’s noticed about hip-hop artists.

“One of my only criticisms of hip-hop right now is that we all … have become so corporate that people don’t even feel like we’re a part of the people especially rappers and punk rockers,” he said. "People always felt like we were them, we were their voice.”

Banner referenced more recent events such as the controversial Troy Davis execution and the tragic Hurricane Katrina criticizing the lack of effort shown from celebrities when cameras are not present. The Mississippi native also said he feels like the events that are impacting the community should also reflected in the music artists are putting out.

"We’re still at war, we’re in a recession, where’s that in the music? I don’t hear that in the music” Banner continued. DB feels that fans now don’t feel like entertainers are “a sub-section of real people.”

Banner stayed at Zuccotti Park for almost two hours getting the raw emotions from people that had been there for almost a month. While on site he tweeted that he was “just studying and listening right now.” and that “today was eye opening.”